Escape room smells

The way an Escape room smells can add to the overall experience. When you visit an immersive escape room you want everything to fit the theme. The decor needs to look right. The Puzzles need to match the theme. The music needs to add to the environment. But the smell is often overlooked.

Our rooms smell great

We want our rooms to create the best experience we can. Whether it be secret agents taking on Mission Impawsible, paranormal investigators braving Mount Clifton Manor, or intrepid explorers braving The Lost Temple we want each adventure to be as immersive as possible.

It’s a bonus if your room doesn’t smell bad. The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed by the smell of the previous group who were under pressure! We’ve taken great care to ensure that each room has a particular smell that adds to the overall experience.

Mission Impawsible

A secret agent-themed room could have a number of smells associated with it. A very bleach-like smell would work for a clinical lab. A homely musk might work if you’re breaking into a home perhaps? For Mission Impawsible we thought about who was visiting. In this experience we wanted the room to be really exciting for younger nervous visitors and in this instance felt a different take was required. because of the cartoonish nature of the room we opted to use Fabulosa – Rainbow Drops. We chose this fragrance as we felt the very sweet smell would add to the excitement and novelty factor associated with the room. As the spray is an antibacterial spray it is also great to clean the room between games.

The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor

This escape room is set in a lavish property that just so happens to have a problem with ghosts and ghouls. We wanted to go with a scent that best created the atmosphere required from an immersive room. As a result, we went with Fabulosa – Opulence to provide a smell that really delivered on the scene we were trying to build.

The Lost Temple

For the Lost Temple, we wanted to have a fragrance that transported teams into a tropical rainforest. After testing a few different fragrances we ended up going for Fabulosa Yellow Tuesdays! This pineapple and coconut smell really fits with our theme and really helps people immerse themselves in the environment.

Make sure your escape room smells good!