Your Escape Room Visit

We want to make sure that your escape room visit goes as smoothly as possible so have broken down what happens into some easy to follow steps.

Escape Room Visit

Step 1 - Book your escape room

Get started by selecting your adventure and when you’d like to visit. Each escape room story offers its own unique adventure but all combine the opportunity for teamwork and fun! We believe that escape rooms should be accessible and support every group with unlimited hints.


Once you’ve selected your escape room, browse the availability of dates and times online. Select your time slot, enter quantity of attendees & complete payment. Your adventure has begun!

  • Select Experience/Story
  • Pick a time and date to visit
  • Confirm numbers attending
  • Complete booking with payment
  • Get ready for adventure!

Step 2 - Arrival

As our guests we want you to arrive as comfortably & relaxed as possible. You’re with us to enjoy yourselves after all. We have limited free parking available on site with alternative options also available. We are lucky to be located a short walk from city centre bus & train services. If you struggle to find us or are running late then please don’t hesitate to call. We are more than happy to add extras to your group (Up to maximum room capacity) on the day.


We suggest that guests aim to be with us around 15 minutes before their escape room visit is due to start and we have a waiting area available for your comfort.

  • Parking available
  • Public transport nearby
  • Contact us if you can’t find us or are running late
  • Additional participants welcome (Up to room capacity)
  • Aim to arrive 15 minutes early
  • Waiting area is available

Step 3 - Brief

Once you and your team have arrived we will go through the room brief to identify measures to ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable. This will include sharing with you a storage space for personal belongings (coats, bags & phones), highlighting where the toilets are and understanding your level of experience with escape rooms. We will answer any questions that people may have and ensure that everyone is ready to begin. Finally we’ll take your team picture and head to the room. Some popular questions are covered in our FAQ.

  • Cover safety steps
  • Storage for personal belongings
  • Toilets
  • Check experience
  • Any other questions

Step 4 - Enter the room

When we enter the room the story will begin. We’ll outline the narrative and introduce you to any tools at your disposal. We’ll also show you how to get hints before a quick final check to ensure everyone is ready.

  • Outline story
  • Highlight aids available
  • Show how to get hints
  • Check everyone is ready

Step 5 - Experience the Story

Each story will feature its own unique puzzles. Complete the puzzles to progress the story along. When you start your experience we recommend spending a bit of time looking around the room and communicating what you find. Knowing what locks you’re looking for, whether they are 3 or 4 digits of numbers or letters can be valuable information. If you find things that have a purpose (torch, blacklight, book or radio) these can also be key in unlocking the adventure. If you get stuck then call for help. There’s no harm in asking and no benefit in frustration.

  • Look around rooms
  • Share findings with team
  • Identify the different locks
  • Collect useful items
  • Ask for help where needed

Step 6 - Debrief

When you finish your experience the games master will let you know your time and take you back to the entrance lobby. Here you will be able to collect your personal belongings, taking care not to leave anything or anyone behind! We have a selection of merchandise (Shirts, hats, mugs etc) available for purchase and we will also provide you with your completion certificates and team photo. Any feedback on puzzles you liked/disliked is massively helpful for our future development. 

  • Receive time
  • Collect personal belongings
  • Stock up on merchandise
  • Get completion certificate
  • Feedback

Step 7 - Spread the word

After your experience we will share your group photo on our facebook page (With your consent). We welcome you to tag your team members. We hope that you will have had a great experience with us and you are able to leave a review on either Google, Tripadvisor or Facebook (Or all three if you really want to make our day!). If you had anything less than a 5 star experience we ask the you please get in touch so we can do our best to resolve any issues that you may have had. We do ask that no matter how exciting a puzzle or element of our rooms may have been that you avoid giving any spoilers away! Just encourage them to experience it for themselves as part of their own escape room visit before your share your experiences. All that’s left to do now is plan your next adventure!

  • Tag your picture online
  • Share reviews to help support us
  • No Spoilers
  • Plan your next adventure

We want to create a space for adventures. Where friends and famillies can come together and experience the extraordinary

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