A Magical Adventure Awaits!

The Wizards of Wyvern - Arriving Summer 2024

Exeter’s Ancient Magical lineage is under threat! The Wizards of Wyvern have decided that your team can be trusted with some of their powers in order to recover their mystical Wyvern egg which has provided magical power to Exeter for centuries.

Wizards of wyvern

Can you master the magic to recover the stolen egg?

Arriving Summer 2024!

The Wizards of Wyvern is a magical adventure designed to test aspiring witches and wizards. For anyone who has been captivated by the spellbinding world of Harry Potter or embarked into the worlds of Azeroth or Westeros. We wanted to create a room to capture and share some fantasy!

 The Story

Exeter boasts a rich magical history that dates back to the legendary Great Dragon Dumnonia. This majestic creature bestowed a magical egg upon the city, which radiated power to a select few, endowing them with the gifts of witchcraft and wizardry. For centuries, the Isca Magica Concilium has overseen Exeter’s magical community, although persecution has driven them into hiding, creating secret sanctuaries like the Wyvern Wizarding Quarter.

Now, this magical egg—the source of all magical power—has been stolen, causing the magic within those blessed to slowly fade. The council has granted your team access to the hidden quarter, tasking you with recovering the stolen egg.

Do you and your team possess the skills and power to prevent the loss of magical energy from Exeter forever?


Wizards of Wyvern Dumnonia


Teams of 2 – £30 Per Person

Teams of 3-4 – £25 Per Person (£5 Saving Per Person)

Teams of 5-6 – £20 Per Person (£10 Saving Per Person)

Booking more than one room? Drop us an email at info@prodigyescapes.co.uk so we can arrange your experience.


We are delighted to share discounts of up to 15% with Blue Light card holders and Students for groups of 4 or more. Simply add in your discount code and receive a discount against your whole booking.

Room Version – 1.0 – Currently in Development

New to escape rooms or had any questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ or contact us where we will do our best to help.

Team Size

Teams of 2-6 People are required for this experience. Team members aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a participating adult. This room is best enjoyed as a 4


This experience is 60 minutes long. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your session for briefing and to enable a comfortable start.

Difficulty - 3/5

This room features a good mix of puzzles to prove a challenge! We’re always on hand however to lend a helping hand to complete the story!


 The main room areas are accessible to wheelchair users. There are a couple of puzzles that use colours too. We have included subtitles for media and have a quiet version available too.

Variable Difficulty Available!

This room features variable difficulty levels. Medium mode and Hard mode. Designed to vary the experience depending on the level of experience. Medium mode is recommended for those new to escape rooms (Under 10 rooms completed) whilst Hard is reserved for those seeking a greater challenge and the chance to contend on the leaderboard. Be cautious though adventurers! For if Hard mode is selected we cannot guarantee completion!

Prodigy Perks

We want to provide the best experience possble which is why we’re the only Escape Room in Exeter offering these services.

Dedicated Games Host

Your games host will greet you and run your game. You won’t have to share your host with any other groups meaning they’ll be focused on your experience the whole time.

Free Printed Group Photo

Our escape rooms are about making memories and nothing captures a memory like a photo. We’ll provide a complimentary printed photo for every group.

Free On-site Parking

Parking in Exeter can be a pricey prospect but not here! We have car spaces available on site so it’s one less thing to worry about

Private Storage & Locker

We respect both you and your belongings. Store any belonging you don’t want to take with you in our lockers featuring hangers and phone charging  facilities.

Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room with desk
Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room with monkey
Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room wide cave entrance
“We had the best time at Prodigy Escapes! We are avid escape room goers, having attended 50+ rooms all over the country, and we can safely say Prodigy escapes was one of the best rooms we have ever done”
Jodie F, TripAdvisor Review