Escape Room Accessibility

Let's make sure everyone is able to enjoy an escape room!

We want to share adventures with everyone so have created this page to share with you some information about accessibility for our rooms! We have worked hard to ensure that your adventure with us allows everyone to get involved and participating. Read on to find out ways that we can assist with your visit.

Our Site Access

The building we are in is quite old and was built in less inclusive times. We have however tried to make it as accessible as possible but some of the preexisting doors are a standard size so may limit some wheelchairs.

There is a ramp to the front door, the width of the door is 74cm. This door brings you into the lobby and access to The Wizards of Wyvern plus the toilet. There are 3 internal steps inside the building to go up to Mount Clifton Manor and The Lost Temple. However, we do have a ramp at the side of the building which can facilitate access.

Our toilet has a handrail but unfortunately isn’t necessarily wheelchair designed. We have installed a rail to assist with access however

The Lost Temple is less accessible of our rooms as many of the puzzles require more active skill-based puzzles but the general areas are all accessible.

General Room Accessibility

Escape rooms should be designed to be fun. We have worked hard to ensure that our rooms are as accessible as possible. Here are a few things that we can do to help you during your visit to us:

  • Reading Glasses – If anyone forgets to bring a pair we have all strengths between +1 & +3.5
  • Larger Text Print – Larger print of all in game items have double sized print available. Just let us know and we’ll slide it under the door.
  • Ear Defenders – We have a couple pairs of ear defenders available if the atmosphere does become too much.
  • Companion guides – Escape rooms can be quite overwhelming. We’ve created companion guide sheets for each of our rooms to give some direction as to what to focus on next. 
  • Help Sheets – If a puzzle is proving too challenging we have help sheets that can help you to complete. We don’t want your adventure to be halted by a single pesky puzzle.
  • Dedicated Games Master – Our Games masters only run one room at a time to ensure that they are listening intently to everything thats going on and can lend a hand where needed.
  • The Rooms Are Never Locked – Our rooms are about escapism not escaping. Participants are able to enter or leave the rooms as they wish. If a participant is finding the experience overwhelming we are often able to (Depending on bookings) cast the CCTV of the room to our lobby area so they can be kept up to speed with what’s going on and hopefully re-enter a bit later on.

The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor

Mount Clifton Manor has a door that is 68cm wide and has the most space available. We have most puzzles taking place in an accessible range and this is probably the most suitable for those with mobility concerns. It features a period where blacklight is used but no colour assocated puzzles. All puzzles are  under 1.6m height to access. There is a puzzle which does require additional access but beyond that everything is easy to reach.


Mount Clifton Manor features 4 dining chairs which make a convenient perch for anyone needing to take a break.

The lighting for the room features 9 bulbs located on the walls and a centre chandelier. This lighting is selected to provide a dim atmospheric light to enhance the experience. There are the option of brighter bulbs for the room and even to have our room lighting but these will detract from the atmosphere in the room as dark and dingy is as this room is designed to be. Torches are included in the room from completion of the first puzzle but there are additional torches that are brighter available and they can be included from the start if required. There is a period of time featuring blacklight which is required to complete a puzzle.


There are two different media options for this room. Our default option is an audio track which is designed to start with gentle music before becoming more atmospheric as time goes on. It features a few jump scares where a portrait comes to life when you least expect it. The ‘No Scare’ alternative features consistant looping audio which neither builds nor fades. It does not feature any jump scares but still aims to deliver a spooky ambience.

The Lost Temple

The Lost Temple features a high quantity of tactile skill puzzles which may impact persons with limited mobility. One puzzle specifically requires a team member to crawl in an area to complete a task. The Room is level with a 70cm doorway so wheelchair users can be accomodated. There are two puzzles which require someone achieving an eyeline of 1.3m to participate. Most puzzles can be accessed from a comfortable level but there are two puzzles where a reach of 1.6m high is required. The room features a single chair but we do have an additional chair that we can place in the room if required.

The Temple features well lit and slightly darker areas. Two torches are included in the room but there are additional torches if required. We have the option to adjust the room lighting if required. There are three puzzles within the room where colour identification is required which may impact some visitors. 

The media for the room features jungle ambience and a rhythmic temple drum soundtrack. We have a Non-Ambient version available without these soundtracks. 

The Wizards of Wyvern

The Wizards of Wyvern is under development and will have more information included in the future. It is the smaller of the rooms which is why the maximum capacity is 6. With a wheelchairs we would recommend 4 participants for the most comfortable experience. The doors are 67cm wide but will be level throughout.

Carer Concessions

We allow a free-of-charge carer place for our rooms providing the minimum room occupancy of two people is met. Please complete your bookng for the participants and leave a note to advise if a carer is attending.

We hope that this page has helped provide additional insight into our rooms but if you had additional questions please contact us via if there is anything you are unsure of

“I have been to Prodigy Escapes & Experiences twice, to complete the Lost Temple and Mount Clifton Manor escape rooms. It is a fantastic venue with parking (which is always a bonus), bathroom and area for belongings to be locked away. The rooms are amazing, they have done a great job in both designing and executing the rooms. Every detail is brilliant. They have been very accommodating with their friendliness and passion but also in allowing me to participate in a wheelchair.”
Zoe D, Google Review