Storytelling and immersive experiences in a welcoming environment that is perfect for escape room experts and newcomers alike. These are no ordinary escape games. These are worlds for you and your team to escape into. 

Don’t wait to book your visit to our Exeter escape rooms!


Storytelling and immersive experiences in a welcoming environment that is perfect for escape room experts and newcomers alike. Don’t wait to book your visit to our Exeter escape rooms!


Which Prodigy Escape room story will you choose?

Exeter haunted escape room

The Haunting Of Mount Clifton Manor

Exeter's Haunted Escape Room

An eerie haunted manor awaits you and your team as you uncover the mysteries lurking in the shadows! Join us as you venture into a scary escape room! As leading paranormal investigators you’re tasked with finding the cause behind the disruption. Take part in Exeter’s only haunted themed escape room, if you dare.

The Lost Temple

Adventure Awaits The Bravest Of Explorers!

In the depths of the deepest jungle, a lost temple awaits. The bravest of explorers are needed to unlock the treasures that have been hidden away for centuries. Fame and glory await the most fearless of adventurers capable of overcoming the secrets of the temple in our adventure escape room using only their wit and skill. Will you claim the treasure or lost to time?

The Wizards of Wyvern

Conjure the magic to save the day!

Long before Hogwarts and Harry Potter, Exeter was home to an ancient magical community. They were gifted with the power by a Wyvern Egg, and now, the magic of Exeter is under threat. It seems the Egg has been stolen, and those who were once powerful now see their abilities fading. In this hour of need, will you be the ones to restore the magic?


Join us as you embark into our immersive Exeter escape rooms from Prodigy Escapes. Follow the clues to unravel the mysteries as you and your friends are the protagonists driving the tales towards their conclusion. Each puzzle reveals more of the story so you can experience our tales from inside immersive settings.


Take a moment out of reality to unlock unforgettable experiences in Exeter’s newest escape room experience. Perfect for a mini adventure or a range of special events.

Exeter Escape room story

Discover the Story

Escape into the pages of our stories. Discover the secrets and unravel the mysteries as you piece together the adventure that awaits! Find clues and work out puzzles to experience adventure.

Exeter Escape room teamwork

Work as a Team

Work together as a team to overcome challenges. Focus on communication, sharing and utilisizing the strengths available in your team to build a bond together.

Exeter Escape room Memories

Create Lasting Memories

Create the ultimate war stories as you recall how you lifted curses, overcame villains and discovered treasure. We are proud to offer experiences often reserved only for fantasy.

Prodigy Escape Rooms
Prodigy Escapes and Experiences
Escape room exeter


A Prodigy escape room is not as you might expect…

Never locked in

We understand the thought of being locked in might not be comfortable for everyone. You are welcome to nip out at your leisure and convenience, you’re our guests after all.

Never unachievable

Our mission is accessibility and we’re proud that anyone can complete our rooms. You will not be tested on general knowledge or anything else that is not already in the room. 

Never stuck

We’re here to support you as much or as little as you want! There is always a way of contacting us if you need a hint or two… or three… we don’t mind!

Never left wondering

At the end of 60 minutes we will step in to guide you through the rest of the story until it is completed so you’ll experience the entire room. Everyone deserves a happy ending!

What is a Prodigy Escape Room?

A Prodigy Escape room is not as you might expect. For starters we guarantee you’ll never be locked in the room. Instead you’re welcome to nip out at your leisure and convenience, you’re our guests after all. Our mission is accessibility and that’s where our name comes from. We believe that a prodigy is someone who has a natural ability to complete our experiences. You will therefore not be tested on general knowledge or anything that is not already in the room. We want you to complete the rooms and will support you right up until you complete the room. At the end of 60 minutes then we’ll even step in to help guide you the rest of the way. Everyone deserves a happy ending!

Escape Room Visit
“A fantastically designed room! The haunting of Mount Clifton Manor was as engaging as it was spooky, with expertly designed puzzles and amazing themes. Can’t wait to go back and try their other rooms.”
Nathan F, Tripadvisor


An escape room provides teams with the opportunity to experience and be part of a story.  Rather than read or watch a story play out you have the opportunity to be there in the moment, touching, feeling, and experiencing it as it progresses. Step into immersive scenes and follow clues to uncover the tales beneath their surface. Create memories that will last a lifetime as you and your family, colleagues, friends or team participate unravel the mysteries that lay before them. 


The opportunities available for ghost hunts, pet heists and temple discovery are seldom available in the real world but we can help you create those stories and take them with you. Select your group, close the door and get ready to escape from reality with Prodigy Escapes.

Haunted escape room
Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room with monkey
Wizards of Wyvern Dumnonia
Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room wide cave entrance

Where to find our Exeter Escape Rooms?

You can find our Devon escape room in the wonderful cathedral city of Exeter. Our Address is 26b Clifton Hill, Exeter EX1 2DJ.  We have limited parking on-site and up to two hours of free parking on Clifton Hill Road. We are a 10-minute walk from the Exeter Bus Station and accessible to a range of public transport options. Find out more here.

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Currently #1 of 255 Things to Do in Exeter! Striving to be the best escape rooms in Exeter

  • star rating  Well thought out Escape room with great variety of challenges - There is a fantastic variety of puzzles to solve within the room that keeps everyone interested and involved in the game and the little spooks throughout were good fun. The... read more

    January 28, 2023

    star rating  Well worth it - Brilliant experience of the haunted manor . Really enjoyed solving the puzzles, looking and working out clues.. team work !

    May 9, 2023

    star rating  First timer, certainly not the last. - This was my first Escape room experience. I’ve never done one because it’s not really my thing!! .. how wrong was I. I Loved IT. Lisa, our Games master... read more

    Graham R
    December 25, 2022

    star rating  My wife and I have done 15 to 20 plus escape rooms now mostly in Plymouth, however we came to Exeter to see some friends over the weekend and the... read more

    avatar thumb Michael G
    January 15, 2023
  • star rating  Amazing! - We absolutely loved this! We did Mission ImClausible for a 10th birthday with family. 4 adults and 2 children. The challenges were fun for all age levels and it was... read more

    December 18, 2022

    star rating  Spooky, atmospheric and so much fun  - The haunting of Clifton manor was a very spooky atmospheric escape room! My mum, sister, sister’s boyfriend and I had so much fun and the owner Dan made sure to... read more

    avatar thumb 367abbyg
    May 29, 2024

    star rating  the best escape room in the area…  - Such a great time!! The rooms are really impressive and my friends pulled the wool over my eyes and convinced me to do it - and I’m so glad that... read more

    avatar thumb Boo S
    May 28, 2024

    star rating  Dogtastic! - Helpful, kind. Patient. 9 year birthday party. Hints when needed but not too many to spoil. Dan was very welcoming. Would recommend to anyone, other rooms for adults too

    avatar thumb 11dylane
    February 15, 2023
  • star rating  We completed the haunted escape room today. It was very well thought out, not too difficult abd definable haunted! Dan was really helpful and helped us make the most of... read more

    avatar thumb 768hannahe
    January 21, 2023

    star rating  Me and my girlfriend went here for Valentine’s Day, the hosts were amazing and the escape room was even better! It was the perfect difficulty with some fun hidden features... read more

    avatar thumb stefanr08
    February 23, 2023

    star rating  Haunting of Clifton Manor - A really excellent experience which really got the brain working. Some of the puzzles are still making my head spin now! We has kids aged 14 and 10 with us... read more

    Dan W
    June 4, 2023

    star rating  Spooky times at Prodigy... - Had a great time puzzling out The Haunting at Clifton Manor for a teen birthday celebration. Dan was brilliant and the whole experience was really professional and well thought out.... read more

    May 15, 2023

Prodigy Perks

We want to provide the best experience possible which is why we’re the only Escape Room in Exeter offering these services.

Dedicated Games Host

Your games host will greet you and run your game. You won’t have to share your host with any other groups meaning they’ll be focused on your experience the whole time.

Free Printed Group Photo

Our escape rooms are about making memories and nothing captures a memory like a photo. We’ll provide a complimentary printed photo for every group.

Free On-site Parking

Parking in Exeter can be a pricey prospect but not here! We have car spaces available on site so it’s one less thing to worry about

Private Storage & Locker

We respect both you and your belongings. Store any belonging you don’t want to take with you in our lockers featuring hangers and phone charging  facilities.

Escape Room Discounts

We have a range of discount codes and offers available. There are deals in place to reduce your price for the more people in your group on each escape room and we also provide additional discounts for students, NHS & Blue Light card holders.