Frequently Asked Questions

We know there will be lots of questions if you’ve never tried an escape room before. That’s why we’ve collected together this handy Escape room FAQ to help out.

Planning your Visit - Escape room FAQ

We suggest setting aside  1 hour 30 minutes in total. We aim for a 15 minute brief to get everyone ready. An hour in the room followed by a 10 minute debrief afterwards. Each experience has an hour time limit. This is to ensure adequate time to rest and santise the rooms between visits.

Yes, we have a limited number of free car parking spaces. We have a map on how to find them here.

Each booking has exclusive usage of the room. We believe that experiences such as this should be about you connecting with the people you choose to invite. 

We generally only take advance bookings to ensure a games host is on site. Availability can be viewed for each escape room and booked online.

If you would like to make a large group booking which will require more than 1 room, you can check availability online or alternatively email your inquiry to

Our rooms can accommodate groups of 2-8.  If you are a larger group (8-16) then we can make arrangements to have separate experiences take place alongside one another so you finish around the same time or if you’re feeling particularly daring we can have the groups swap over to play through each other’s experiences and compare times at the end!

Please contact us to arrange more than one room at the same time.

Each room has a set number of puzzles so the larger group you have the less there will be for each participant.

Our stories are designed to present a degree of challenge but also intuition so that they make some degree of logical sense. We avoid puzzles that involve general knowledge or mathmatical ability to ensure that our stories remain accesible to all.


With our stories we like to think that everyone will complete, It just varies on how much help is needed.


Guests have the option in advance to select what level of guidance they receive and whether they wish to have hints given or only when requested. If the latter then there is a risk you may not complete the storyline before your session ends.

This will depend on the individual. If you have concerns we suggest getting in contact and asking if elements that you find scary are included so we can advise accordingly.

We will do our best to support you through the challenge and it is our objective to try and allow you time to finish the story successfully. We will do our best to ensure that you don’t fall behind during the game by adding suggestions if we see you going off track. If you do not finish in time we will come into the room and work with you to bring the stories to their conclusions.

Entry is not recommended to children under the age of 5 years at Prodigy Escapes. Some rooms feature darkness and/or loud noises as well as potential scares, however speak to your games host and they will help accordingly. Children aged 15 and under will need a participating adult aged 18 or over as part of their team entering the experience.

Yes, It is best for immersion to stay within the room for the duration of the experience but the door will remain open. This is in the interests of safety and convenience. You are welcome to use the toilet or exit the room if you feel you need a break however the timer will not stop for this. 

We have designed our rooms to be comfortable  with seating areas but do ask that extra caution is taken if pregnant. Some of our experiences include physical aspects that may not be suitable. If you are heavily pregnant, or find darkness or the potential for scares concerning, you may not enjoy the experience. If you have had any problems during your pregnancy, or are unsure, please consult your doctor before attempting our escape rooms. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We have designed our rooms to be comfortable for people suffering from various ailments but ask that you are cautious. We don’t want participants to performa any tasks that may cause you to suffer any discomfort or injury. Please contact us to discuss room suitability or for further information. Consult your doctor before attempting our escape rooms.

Preperation on the day - Escape Room FAQ

We are a short 10-15 minute walk from the center of Exeter which includes Exeter Central train station and Exeter Bus Station.  You are able to follow brown tourist signs to the Clifton Leisure Centre ( No longer there), Ski Slope & Driving Range as these will direct you to us. Please note we are not actually on Clifton Hill road so recommend inspecting the minimap below. We have limited free parking on site and on Clifton Road (2 hours max stay). For Cyclists we are happy to share a lock with you whilst you visit.

Please see our links for google maps & What 3 words

Clifton Hill map

We ask that guests arrive 15 minutes before entry to receive a brief and comfortable start. We will aim to try and make sure you complete your experience within the hour.

We recommend comfortable clothing. There may be times where you are on your feet for periods of time so advise against high heels. Reading glasses if require are highly recommended.

Yes, providing your booking has enough spare space! Please give us a call and we can add extra participants onto your booking. Alternatively you can pay on the day for any extra! We do not have access to tills/cash on site so please bring with you a valid credit/debit card for payment.

Please call us as soon as possible on 01392 949036 to let us know what’s happening.

Because being late may impact other visitors, we may have to take time off your game if you are late so that there is not a knock on effect to any following bookings however this will only be as a last resort.

Belongings can be placed securely away within the reception area. Please do not bring excess personal belongings. No phone, keys or any other items can be taken inside the games. We prohibit filming or photography within the games as this may spoil the future experience of others. No liquids can be taken into the games. Please remember to collect all your personal belongings on exiting.

We will always do our best to work around unexpected events but regret to advise that we cannot provide refunds, this includes part refunds for members of the team who do not attend.


We can reschedule your game for free, subject to availability, with a minimum of 2 days notice. Reschedules with less than 2 days notice, or if you have previously rescheduled the game before, will come at the charge of 1/2 standard booking rate price for your team size.

We operate a no liquids in the rooms policy and no alchohol on site. Because we are surrounded by a residential area we ask that all participants arrive sober. Any antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and your booking may be cancelled without refund.

If you had any questions that are not covered here please feel free to get in contact 🙂