About our Escape Room in Exeter

About Us - Before we started

Let’s tell you about us! Prodigy Escapes is an independent escape room in Exeter, Devon. It is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Dan & Lisa. 


Before running an escape room you may have seen them as they put together ‘Exeter’s Haunted House’. This charity Halloween event raised thousands of pounds for local charities and created some amazing memories for those who visited and participated.

dan and Lisa Prodigy escape room
Exeter's haunted house logo

Prodigy Escapes was created as a result of a shared love of entertainment. Enthused by the fantastic attractions that already exist in the local area we want to contribute to the escape room community. 


Our goal is to overcome barriers and promote the escape room concept to those that may have never considered them before. We want to remove any concerns that people will be trapped or left feeling inadequate if they fail to complete a room. Our objective is to have your group complete our experiences whilst developing key teamwork skills and most importantly having fun!


Read more about our journey on our blog.

Our Mission

Enable people of all skills and abilities the ability to experience the thrills and adventure of escape rooms and to work with local businesses to promote creativity in all forms.

About us - Where we're going

One of the most important things to know about us is our objectives. It is our dream to create and inspire a new generation of storytelling at our escape room in Exeter. We want to open our doors to allow the creative and curious alike to discover our methods and madness. So if someone wants to learn how a prop works then we’ll do our best to share our insight with you. If you want to know how we created an effect then we can talk you through it.



Our main passion when developing our Halloween event was the potential to inspire others. Because when people are inspired there’s no limit to what can be achieved. Prodigy Escapes is a celebration of imagination and a longing for a less ordinary existence. Something that we want to share with you!

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About us - Being Supportive

Special Events

Our first escape room experience was not a great one. There was such a steep learning curve that we were not prepared for and a puzzle that we did not understand cost us the thrill of finishing in time. A birthday celebration that was supposed to bring us together left us down spirited. 

We decided that Prodigy would be a supportive environment. One where all abilities had the ability to succeed. We train our Games hosts extensively on each room and ensure that they are focued on your booking alone. This allows them to keep pace with your gameplay and ensure you stay on track for a successful adventure whilst doing our best to only give hints in a way that you still leave with a sense of achievment of completion having discovered the solutions for yourselves.

About us - Being Sustainable

Finding ways to build and run Prodigy sustatinably is really important to us. We’ve created a blog post that covers this extensively. In a world of so much consumption we like to play our part in whatever way we can. 

Our room builds will always seek secondhand items which we are able to give a new lease of life. On a day to day basis our building is fitted with solar panels which generate much of the power we use daily. Especially when most of our business uses exclusively low power LED options. We always try to find ways to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible without compromising the experience of our guests. 

Whether this be asking at the time of booking whether completion cards are required or not and even offering Vegetarian and Vegan sweet options when birthdays are present.

There are always things we can do that can make a difference to our planet.

Prodigy Escape Lost Temple Escape Room with desk

Watch how we built our escape room!

“Escape rooms enable everyone to experience the extraordinary”

Dan Frost – Director