Do escape rooms require high IQ?

We are often asked do escape rooms require high IQ? We don’t think so. Making a difficult escape room is easy. Anyone can arrange a series of tasks that do not make sense or are difficult to complete. At Prodigy however have designed our rooms in such a way that they offer intuitive thought processes and provide enough of a challenge to keep them entertaining yet are always able to be completed.

We pride ourselves on 100% completion

We pride ourselves on every group completing the experience. Whether it be Secret agents taking on Mission Impawsible or Paranormal investigators braving Mount Clifton Manor you can be assured of a successful adventure.

We’ve built our rooms so that a slight nudge or hint will be all that is needed to overcome some of the challenges. We’ll avoid simply giving you the answer directly but rather ask you questions in such a way that you will discover the answer for yourselves.

Does a High IQ help in an escape room?

Probably not. What we find serves groups best is a mixture of different views towards a puzzle. More often than not family groups will often get more correct solutions from younger members approaching puzzles with a simple approach than an adult who can be overthinking a puzzle.

Who are the best people to take on escape rooms?

The best people at taking on escape rooms are those who have experience. We tend to find that Escape rooms require a particular way of thinking. Normally we find that it takes two or three rooms to be comfortable with the format of escape rooms before you start becoming more confident at finding patterns and links between items.

We recommend that you avoid trying to absorb every detail within the room to focus on the core specifics of what you need. Look at what inputs are in the room and try to find things that relate to them. If you’ve got some dots and dashes then you’re probably looking for some morse code. If you have a five digit word lock then be mindful of 5 letter words.

One couple who set some of the fastest times on our escape rooms are a couple from Review the Room. They bring together the experience of having completed over 400 Escape rooms! If you follow some of the escape room enthusiasts groups on facebook you will often see some groups completing their 1000th escape room! The more rooms you complete the more experience you will have with different puzzles and mechanisms.

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole of overthinking!