Why Escape Rooms are great for a Birthday Party!

Nearly a fifth of all of our bookings are for a birthday Party! Escape rooms are great for providing a memorable celebration. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you might want to consider an Escape room for a birthday Party.


An escape room sees your group working together to complete a common goal. There’s no individual achievement but instead a focus on teamwork to share the mission and success.

Friends or Family

An escape room experience works for both friends and family groups. Share in participating in the story whether it be with a group of friends or a family unit.


Many events are not so inclusive. Go karting would leave your nan watching or your friend Dave would rather meet you after the mini golf. With an Escape room you all participate and share the adventure. At Prodigy we design our rooms to be accessible so it’s possible to share the experience with multiple generations of the family with ease.


We’d all love to be secret agents going on missions or be paranormal investigators unraveling mysteries daily but those opportunities seldom exist in the real world. Escape rooms provide those experiences and create memories and war stories that the team will fondly look back on after.

Make it special

We do our best to make sure our Birthday groups feel special. We’ll write a card to the birthday boy/girl and even include some sweets for the whole group to celebrate their success!

Family fun escape room
Let’s get ready to party