How our Escape Room Leaderboards work

Escape Room Leaderboards are often found in many escape rooms. They celebrate some of the most impressive teams to take on the escape rooms.

Conversation starters

We have leaderboards shown in our escape rooms to build a conversation with visitors. They show that even though some rooms seem super challenging there are some groups that really clicked with the puzzles in such a way to ensure a speedy escape!

Does it make everything overly competitive?

There are a few people who take the times really seriously. Rushing through puzzles as quickly as possible. We don’t think that this makes for the best experience if we’re honest. Often a group will in fact have more fun when the tension builds up toward the end of the time. We don’t want teams to compete for a place on the leaderboard but instead focus on enjoying themselves.

Separate groups

Different groups work differently together. We have multiple leaderboards for each of our escape rooms so that they can see how they rank against other groups who have taken on the room if they have had a quick run-through. Each leaderboard only shows the top three times for each category

The different leaderboards we have are:

  • Duos
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Birthday
  • Workplace
  • Escape rooms

What’s the criteria to be on the leaderboard?

We don’t have an extensive criteria as this is very much just a fun activity. We only allow groups on the leaderboard if all members haven’t done the room before. Teams starting early have their times measured from when they started the room which may differ from the in room timer.

Should I do the same room multiple times to get a faster time?

Nope. You will not have the same experience and may end up ruining the experience for the rest of your team if you already know the answers. Instead, try another room that is fresh for all the team. If we get a team that has a member that has already completed the room we add a ‘*’ in the bottom corner of the group picture.

Escape room leaderboard meme
Escape room leaderboard meme