Why we chose our Escape room name?

An escape room name is a difficult thing to come up with. You want it to reflect your business in the best way possible yet be memorable and distinctive. When it came time to create a name for our business we found the process to be quite organic. For years I was involved with the naming of various motorcycles. Every time a new model was being developed we’d select a name before creating a logo to see whether it looked right. Some names would work and others would be added to a list for future consideration. Countless times in this process the name Prodigy kept coming up.

People tend to associate prodigy with the band alone and whilst we are fans of the music group it was never our intention to have this link. If anything it has urged us to be cautious to avoid anything that could feature a song title as a newspaper headline in the future (firestarter, invaders must die etc.)! For us, it was more about the application of the word Prodigy for our escape room name.

The meaning behind the name

Prodigy Definition

There was an element where we hoped that we ourselves would be good at creating escape rooms which was naive. Instead, we focused on our aspirations to create escape rooms that we accessible and intuitive. We’ve experienced some escape rooms where puzzles did not fit the narrative. Others where the logic did not fit the scenario. We aspire behind the name Prodigy to make sure that people from all walks of life are able to approach and fulfill our stories. Helping them to become prodigies.

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