The Small Print Before the Big Adventure

At Prodigy Escapes and Experiences your comfort and enjoyment is our absolute priority. There are a few things that we need to confirm before your experience begins. 

In connection with participation in the Escape Game Experience (the “Experience”) organised by Prodigy Escapes Limited (“PEL”) (Company Number: 13836237, Registered Office: 26B Clifton Hill, Exeter, EX1 2DJ)  and/or use of PEL property, amenities and services, I agree the following on behalf of myself, and any participants under the age of 16 for which I am responsible (“Junior Participants”): 



I agree to listen and follow (and ensure that any Junior Participants listen and follow) instructions from the PEL Games Masters at all times. The instructions that are given by the PEL Games Masters will include, but are not limited to, the agenda of the Experience, rules of the Escape Game, and health and safety instructions. If any of these instructions are not followed, PEL reserves the right to stop my or any Junior Participant’s Experience and eject me or any Junior Participants out of the venue without refund.  



I acknowledge that the Experience has been designed such that physical force is not required to complete it. I understand that if, during the Experience, I or any Junior Participants use physical force, this will be a breach of PEL’s conditions and that the Experience will come to an immediate end. Further, I agree that I will reimburse PEL for any damage caused to the facilities, fixtures and fittings of PEL by me or any Junior Participant’s actions whilst participating in the Experience. 

I acknowledge that PEL will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to any of my or any Junior Participant’s personal belongings during our visit to the venue. 



I acknowledge that there may be certain limited potential risks associated with participation in the Experience, and I confirm that: (A) neither I nor any Junior Participant has any medical condition that may have the effect of making it more likely that we will be involved in any incident that could result in injury to us or others; (B) participation by me and any Junior Participant is entirely voluntary. 

I acknowledge that PEL will not be liable for any unforeseeable loss or damage or personal injury arising from my or any Junior Participant’s use of or presence on PEL’s facilities either caused by the fault of myself, any Junior Participants or other third parties, provided that nothing in this document shall limit PEL’s liability for death or personal injury arising from PEL’s negligence. 



I acknowledge that neither I nor any Junior Participants are permitted to take any pictures / video inside any of the Experiences. If found using a camera or a cameraphone, the Experience will be immediately terminated and the relevant media will be deleted. Neither I nor any Junior Participants will post trade secrets or game puzzles from inside any Experience on any social media. I acknowledge that doing so ruins the Experience for future players.


I acknowledge that while participating in the Experience, I and any Junior Participants will be monitored by video camera. 



I acknowledge that PEL reserves the right to remove any participant: (a) who is clearly intoxicated; (b) who is abusive to PEL’s staff; (c) whose actions could (in PEL’s opinion) upset or disturb other customers, PEL’s suppliers or PEL’s staff, or put them in any risk or danger, or damage; or (d) for any reckless or careless conduct.  The decision to refuse participation will be entirely at the discretion and judgement of the PEL Games Master and will result in the participant forfeiting its costs of entry.  



I agree to indemnify PEL against any claims, damages, costs or expenses, including legal fees that may in any way arise from the use of, or presence of, me or any Junior Participants at PEL’s facilities. 

Any legal claims that may arise from participation in the Experience shall be resolved in accordance with English law.

PEL makes photography services available to its customers on-site. If you choose to utilise those services, you understand and accept that your images and any data you give us will be processed by PEL and its suppliers to facilitate this service.  Any data you provide us will be processed in line with our privacy policy (to read the full policy, please visit https://www.prodigyescapes.co.uk/privacy-policy/)