Our Dog Rescue Adventure!

Mission Impawsible

This room is sadly now closed. Thank you to everyone who came and shared an adventure with us! 

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Your Mission, should you chews to accept it...

A fun filled break in to save the day and our four legged friends

Mission Impawsible sees you and your team take on secret identities before attempting to uncover the Professor’s dastardly plan! Designed to focus on fun, this escape room is designed to be a silly adventure suitable for all.

The Story

BARK9 (British Agency of Reconnaissance K9s) needs your help! Professor Winston Montgomery is a person of interest. Known as a serial complainer, he was already a disliked person by all but his girlfriend Karen! But now dogs have started going missing and there is growing concern. Agent Rexy was tasked with investigating the professor but has been radio silent for 12 hours. We need your help to find out what’s going on! Assemble your team and embark on your undercover adventure!

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Team Size

Teams of 2-6 can take on this experience but may find this most comfortable as a 4 person adventure.


Our escape room experience is 60 minutes long. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your session for briefing and to enable a comfortable start.

Difficulty - 2/5

This experience is perfect for those new to escape rooms and will even keep experienced groups occupied. We’ll provide unlimited support and pride ourselves on a 100% completion rate


Our family fun escape room adventure is open to our lobby area. This is to provide maximum openess and remove any apprehension that nervous visitors may have.

beginners escape room
family fun escape room
Family fun escape room
“My husband and I were looking for an escape room that would suit our family, including a 4 year old and an eight year old. We were recommended Prodigy escapes, specifically the Mission Impawsible. After having been turned away elsewhere due to the 4 year old being too young. We are so glad we were sent to prodigy escapes as we had a brilliant time! Everyone was able to get involved, there was a range of different puzzles to solve. Some of which were more aimed at the children and some that were more aimed at the adults. My daughters enjoyed using the walkie talkie to communicate with Dan and Lisa. We also enjoyed the little electric notepad that made working out some of the clues much easier. We are definitely interested in their other escape rooms and would definitely recommend Mission Impawsible as a great family escape room! Thank you Dan and Lisa!”
Carla B, Tripadvisor