A Live Actor Halloween Experience

You only know part of what happened at Mount Clifton Manor. Discover more this Halloween!

Prodigy Escapes Mount Clifton Manor Escape Room

More has happened inside the Manor than anyone could have realised

A Live Actor Experience for up to 4 people. 16+ Only

The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor is just part of the story. We aim to take you to the night before when a spiritiual cleaning was attempted. Participate in a non escape room experience that sees you discover more of the Mount Clifton Story. 

 The Story

Building on the story in The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor, The Cleansing reveals what happened the night before the paranormal investigation began. Lady Clifton had also consulted a Ms Eliza Thompson who attempted to perform a spiritual cleansing on the building. Despite their best efforts, their work didn’t go to plan. Join them as you attempt to banish a dark entity that has taken up residence in the property. 

Mount Clifton Manor Exeter Escape Room

Warning – Please note that this story contains topics that may not be suitable to some with a nervous disposition and contains dark environments and jump scares. Please call ahead if you have any concerns. 

New to escape rooms or had any questions? Be sure to check out our FAQ or contact us where we will do our best to help.

Team Size

This experience is for 2-4 people with a set fee per session.


This experience is 30 minutes long. We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your session for briefing and to enable a comfortable start.


This experience does not include puzzles. You will be involved instead in an immersive experience.


We can provide a less scary version for those for a nervous disposition. Please call ahead if you have and additional concerns so we can do our best to assist.

Mount Clifton Manor Escape room skull
Mount Clifton Manor Escape room horse
Mount Clifton Manor Escape room bust
“Today was our first visit to Prodigy Escapes and we did the Cleansing of Mount Clifton Manor. All I can say is WOW. We had the BEST time. I still have goosebumps! The story and special effects were so realistic I felt like I was in a movie. This is an absolute must for anyone looking for something amazing to do in Exeter”
Victoria W, Tripadvisor