Can you take a phone into an Escape Room?

We are often asked can you take a phone into an Escape Room? Here we look into a few different ways that a mobile phone can impact your experience

What do we do at Prodigy Escapes?

We suggest that it’s best not to take your phone into the Escape rooms but will never stop you from doing so. Many believe that this is due to a fear of people googling the answers but actually it’s more so to protect your experience.

What a mobile can take away from your experience

Mobile phones are incredible at connecting with one another. They allow us to stay connected to work, family and everything else. The immediate concern would be that you receive a call or notification during your adventure which will take you away from the immersive experience that you find yourselves in. Secondly, there is also a risk that any pictures or video from within the experience may give away any puzzles or reveals that may spoil the experience for you.

But I could also use my phone to google answers though right?

The internet is a big place with lots of information. You may find many bits of conflicting information there that may confuse you. As puzzle designers, all escape room operators should not rely on general knowledge for puzzles. Everything that you need should be featured in the room.

What would we recommend?

Leave your phones in the locker before your game. They’ll be safely locked away and we even include chargers in the lockers. We want you to immerse yourself in our adventures and it’s important that you leave the outside world to one side for a bit to help with that.

Mobile phones in an escape room
Don’t let a phone ruin your escape room experience!