Why do we promote other Local Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are still a fairly new activity and many still haven’t had a chance to try one. There are many in the UK with an estimated 1500 different rooms available for people to try. Visitors are often surprised to see leaflets for other local escape rooms in our lobby and this post explains our thoughts.

Aren’t they competition?

Yes and no. If a family for example is looking for an activity to do for a birthday or similar they will be aiming to reward just one business with their custom. We however are looking at the bigger picture. If a family is looking to watch a film they will more than likely want to watch more than one. They are unlikely to limit their watching to purely one franchise or genre alone. We are far keener to have people enjoying escape rooms in general rather than just limiting them to our own experiences.

Limits to our experiences

We are limited in what we can provide to customers. We never recommend a group does the same room twice and you only get one opportunity to properly experience a room. Our stories require a lot of time to plan and build and even revisions will not inspire visitors to return. We cannot keep customers limited to purely our business so why wouldn’t we recommend others?

Inspire more first timers

Existing customers are the best advocates to introduce future visitors. If they had a good time they may well recommend people to come to visit you but the best introduction to an escape room is when people complete a room for the first time together. For this to happen they will need to have rooms available to try out and a theme that works well for the first timers is often the best way to inspire interest.

The right theme makes so much difference

If someone is on the fence about trying an escape room having the right theme to match their interests makes the world of difference. A Dog or Cat Lover will really enjoy Mission Impawsible for its light-hearted nature. A Horror fan may want to brave The Haunting of Mount Clifton Manor for some classic spooks but if you’ve done that then head to Trapped to try The Deeds! Perhaps you know someone who loves their crime thrillers? We don’t have a room for that but Red House Mysteries have The Shadow Darkens or Excape have The Game’s Afoot. Perhaps your groups consider themselves quite the talented thieves? Try Devon Escapes Enrights Enigma or maybe back to Excape for The Vault. There are so many good rooms that we’d love to share our experiences with!

Working together with local escape rooms benefits everyone

    We are not the best escape room builders in the world. We try our best to provide the best experiences possible. As we try more rooms we gain knowledge of things that work well and technology that can enhance the experiences of our customers. If we can help out other operators with our experience or trying things then we’re more than happy to do so. If it means that people have a better experience elsewhere that leads to more people enjoying escape rooms then that’s all we want.

    Local escape rooms
    The leaflets for the other local escape rooms