Seasonal Events

What are Seasonal events

Seasonal events are productions that are put on relevant to holidays and celebrations. So far we have plans to create seasonal experiences for Halloween, Christmas & Easter.

Are the stories different to your normal Escape rooms?

The storylines for each room will vary when the seasonal production takes place and in some cases complement the normal storylines for each room.

Halloween – The Cleansing of Mount Clifton Manor

The Cleansing of Mount Clifton Manor chronicles a spiritual cleansing that took place before the actions of The Haunting of Mounting Clifton Manor take place. It is a live-actor theatrical piece which involves audience participation but no escape room puzzles. The event is held within the set of Mount Clifton Manor where groups of 2-4 people experience a journey into the supernatural and demonic. Due to the intense nature of this event, we ask that participants are over the age of 16 years old.

The story expands on the Mount Clifton Manor story and shares more information that was previously unknown.

Cleansing Mount Clifton Manor banner
The Cleansing Mount Clifton Manor

Christmas – Mission Im’Claus’ible

Mission Imcluasible is a new story that needs your attention. BARK9 need your help as the professor is suspected to be sabotaging Christmas. Elves have gone missing and we need the finest agents to gain access and investigate what’s been happening. Perfect for all ages this is an escape room that sees your team complete Christmas-themed puzzles to overcome your mission. Leave safe in the knowledge that you and your team saved Christmas! The Christmas themed escape room runs throughout December in the Mission Impawsible room. It features a similar story flow which is familiar to previous visits but with many of the puzzles re-skinned to Christmas themes.

Mission Imclausible
Mission Imclausible

Easter – To Be Confirmed

We’d like to put in something for easter but will see how the first two events are received.

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